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Things To Consider When choosing a Reiki Healer NYC!

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Reiki Healer NYC is here to assist you on your journey. We understand western therapies and medications don’t always provide relief from physical and mental discomfort or anxiety. As a result many people may choose to look into alternative healing modalities, one of the most popular being Reiki. Reiki is an Eastern calming and healing practice that has found its way into popularity in numerous cultures. For the best results, look for an experienced Reiki Master in Clinton Hill NY. Here Reiki Healing Clinton Hill NY we are born to serve! With that being said, here are some things to consider when hiring a reiki healer.

Reiki Healing

We Have One Of The Best Spiritual Healing Reiki Masters in Brooklyn, New York!

Like most things these days, it’s a good idea to start online.  Therefore, searching for reiki practitioners/masters in your area is a great way to start. Generally, insurance does not cover reiki sessions. That being said, you should also call your insurance company to see if it may be covered in certain circumstances. If you can use insurance, you’ll want to search for reiki practitioners/masters that will honor it.

Do you require a Reiki Master Teacher for Reiki Training in NYC?

Reiki originated in Japan in the 1920s. The main person associated with its popularity is Sensi Mikao Usui, a lay monk. However, Reiki has found its way into numerous cultures around the globe. 

There are three different levels of reiki. A person who trains in reiki must pass level one to get to level two. Then, the student must pass level two to get to level three. 

Reiki Healing Clinton Hill, NY has Level III Reiki Master Teachers only.

One is shoden which means ‘first teaching’. The level I student is called a practitioner. Enabling them to give reiki to anyone in their presence.

Two is okuden which means ‘inner teachings’. The Level II practitioner and can give reiki in distance sessions using the distance reiki symbol. 

Three is shinpiden which means ‘mystery teachings’. The Level III student is called a Reiki Master. A Reiki Master is  taught to teach reiki to others. As a result, after teaching their first class they are then called a Reiki Master Teacher.

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Reiki heals in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms of the recipient.  Therefore, emphasize what you want out of a session when you make your appointment.

   Providing Reiki in NYC has led us to offer Distance Reiki, Group Meditations, and More!

Reiki works by tapping into internal energy using  both your chakra system and auric field. Most importantly, your reiki master can teach you to manage your personal energy to make actual changes in your self-discovery journey.

 Distance reiki is the practice of sending healing energy to a recipient in another location.  Reiki energy transcends space, distance and time. As a result, you can even go back into time to help remove the negativity of something from the past.

Level II practitioners or Reiki Masters are taught a symbol that evokes the energy to transcend space, time and distance.  Distance reiki will work best with acceptance of  the unlimited potential of universal life force energy.  However, you will see the best results after more sessions.

Connect with the energy of your NYC Reiki Master 

To prepare for the healing session, you should first read up on reiki. Look for books or articles online. This will help you learn what to expect. You should make a good effort to get yourself both physically and, more importantly, mentally ready. In order to do this, you should eat well and get a good night’s sleep before your session. It is wise to avoid both alcohol and any other mind altering stimulants. You may even want to clear your mind and meditate to help keep it open to the experience. Reiki Healer NYC will be able to talk you through best practices.

Many people ask what they will experience post session. Results vary from person to person after a session. A large part of your experience will depend on both your personal goals and the blockages that may be purged within your chakra system. Ideally, you will feel enlightened and more connected to the universe and the other people in it. When you tap into the larger picture, it will help the small things in your life that add stress and frustration seem less troublesome. After your session, you should feel lighter. You should also go through the rest of your day with a much more positive mindset. This can help you accomplish more and develop more meaningful relationships.

Look For A Trustworthy and Affordable Reiki Master Before Making Any Decisions!

Reiki sessions cost money. However, some reiki healers will be more expensive than others. Most importantly, their cost depends on either their training or the various types of sessions. Cost can even depend on the location. Sessions in Manhattan or Orange County will generally cost more than a session in rural Oklahoma. Typically, sessions cost about $100. The sessions usually aren’t covered by insurance. However, you may find physical therapists who also utilize reiki.

Reiki is a great option for anyone who needs help getting their chakras aligned properly. The sessions are designed to aid in establishing homeostasis in not only the body, but also mind and spirit. All things considered, we could all use that.

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